Know About the New MBUX Hyperscreen in Mercedes-Benz Models

May 19th, 2022 by

What Is The New MBUX Hyperscreen?

Prepare yourself for a screen, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. MBUX Hyperscreen is a “jewel of interior design” and a real work of art that debuted as an option in Mercedes-new EQ’s EQS. The display and operating system can adapt totally to the user using artificial intelligence for a spectrum of tailored suggestions, offering a focal point for attention, control, and enjoyment. Keep reading this blog by Star Motor Cars in Houston, TX, to learn more.

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What Is MBUX Hyperscreen?

MBUX Hyperscreen has a lot of processing power. The outstanding technical aspects include eight CPU cores, 24 gigabytes of RAM, and 46.4 gigabytes per second RAM capacity. To give haptic feedback, twelve actuators are positioned beneath the touchscreen surfaces.

MBUX Hyperscreen also introduces the “Zero Layer” to help reduce driver attention and provide some of the most vital information at the forefront. MBUX may recommend actions based on previous user interactions, location, and time of day using artificial intelligence. If you always phone the same person on your way home from work, a tile will show at the top of the screen with an intelligent suggestion to call them.

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