What are the Best Technological Breakthroughs in the Automobile Industry in the Past ten years?

August 23rd, 2022 by

Car Technology Features of the Last Decade Worth Mentioning

You cannot deny that the automotive industry has come a long way. It is developing rapidly. Every year, impressive new features are introduced that make time on the road a lot easier. Car manufacturers constantly look for new ways to make your riding experience impeccable and memorable. From parking assistance to airbags, the technology keeps getting more refined. Keep reading this blog by the Star Motor Cars Mercedes-Benz dealership in Houston, TX, to learn more about the best technological breakthroughs in the automobile industry in the past ten years.

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Best Technology Features of the Last Decade

  • Lane keep assistance is worth mentioning here. This system keeps your car centered within the lines of the driving lane and prevents it from crossing the lines. If the wheels begin to cross the lines, the lane keep assisting technology comes into play and rectifies it. This is especially helpful during long drives or night drives.
  • Voice recognition is one of the most advanced automotive technological breakthroughs. Using mobile phones while driving is high-risk behavior. It increases the possibility of you getting into an accident. Voice recognition has come to the rescue. It enables the driver to make or receive calls, read text messages, have easy access to navigation, and even use multimedia easily.
  • Automatic emergency braking is a blessing. This impressive feature can read the environment around you and notify the driver if something is about to come in contact with the vehicle. The sensors come into active mode immediately and initiate the brakes.
  • Well, keys are a thing of the past now. Most modern cars are well-equipped with vital electronic fobs, enabling you to get into the car without an actual key. You can even unlock the car from a distance with the help of these key fobs.

These striking features have made the lives of every car owner more convenient and relaxing.

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